Class Project 3.1

the artistic process

The Artistic Process


“It’s just a picture of a flower… talk about easy!”

Self Portraits can reveal any number of things the artist wishes to reveal.   For this project, I wanted to show a part of me that no one sees when they look at some of my pictures.   If I do things right, they can’t see the lights and the drops and the work involved; all they see is the final image.   As it should be.     There are 10 different images in this single portrait; there were over the 30 shots total to complete this one image.   It looks simple, but it took time and planning to achieve the result.

I wanted to portray the artistic process as it works for me.   It’s not a single light-bulb moment where you capture the one picture I wanted; no, it’s trial and error.  Shoot, reframe, adjust, reshoot.  Over and over and over until I get something I can accept as ‘good enough’.  Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t.   I think this one portrays what i wanted fairly well.

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